The heart and soul of Champagne Dauby goes back to the meeting of Thérèse et Guy Dauby who shared a common love for the land and for wine.

They had inherited a few plots of vines from their parents and little by little, and not without a back-breaking amount of work, they gradually put together a small estate on some of the best hillsides in and around the villages of Aÿ and Mutigny. In 1956 the real adventure began: they purchased a few small oak barrels and made the first few bottles of champagne under their own name.

Champagne DAUBY was born!

Guy and Thérèse shared the same philosophy; both cared passionately for their land and the riches it provided and both were committed, not simply to cultivating the land, but to preserving it together with all the flowers and animals that depended on its well-being. The same philosophy has been handed down to us and today, as mother and daughter, we still work in harmony with Nature to create elegant, floral champagnes that reflect the land they come from. The poppy symbolises this commitment and opens the door to something more: a world of hope in which it is important to take care of oneself so as to be able, humbly, to help one’s neighbour. The poppy holds a lesson for us all: fragile and vulnerable, it nevertheless stands up tall, proudly reaching for the sky, whilst its intense colour brightens up the entire vineyard. It is being fully itself!