It’s in the silence of our cellars, dug directly into the chalk more than a century ago, that the patient, painstalking work all finally comes to fruition. Sugar slowly transforms into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas and in so doing gives birth to the bubbles. Yet the gas cannot escape from the bottle and instead produces the tiny bubbles and the delicate, long-lasting mousse that is the hallmark of Champagne Dauby.

Our cellars provide the perfect combination of humidity and temperature needed for the wine to mature slowly and steadily, the essential requirement to create fully-developed, fine champagnes. The length of time spent ageing in the cellars will vary according to the  style of champagne desired. Our traditional champagnes age for at least 30 months whilst our vintage wines and Cuvée Flore are left for 5 years or more to create the array of aromas typical of fully mature champagnes.


Some bottles are sealed with corks in the traditonal style, before ageing in the cellars